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The Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank features a wide selection of washes for processing of fresh or frozen semen specimens for assisted reproductive technology (ART), such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) including intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).  The range of washes available allow the clinician to custom-tailor the seminal processing to best match the individual fertility needs of their patients.
In general, seminal processing (or sperm washing) is a procedure that mixes and/or overlays the fresh semen with one or more types of media.  The specimens are then centrifuged to concentrate the sperm into a smaller volume while removing or “washing out” most of the unwanted seminal plasma in preparation for an ART procedure, such as an IUI. 
Regular Wash
The standard wash procedure used to concentrate the sperm into a specific volume while “washing out” or removing the seminal plasma.  More...  
Soft Wash
A variation of the Regular Wash that may reduce the “stress” on sperm during the centrifugation process.  More...  
Isolation Wash
A density gradient wash that separates out many of the motile sperm from the 
non-motile sperm.  It also “filters out” most of the clumps, aggregated sperm, round cells, seminal plasma, and debris.  The final result is generally a “cleaner” preparation with an increased percentage of motile sperm of superior morphology as compared to the fresh sample.  More...  
Mini-Isolation Wash
A variation of the Isolation Wash that achieves similar results but may improve overall recovery for those semen specimens of low density and/or low motility.  More... 
Chymotrypsin Wash
This wash procedure may reduce the amount of agglutinated or clumped sperm in the final preparation.  It is especially useful for semen samples that appear to have many motile sperm clumped (agglutinated) together.  More...  
Isolation with Chymotrypsin Wash 
A process that combines the features of the Isolation and Chymotrypsin washes.  More...  
Mini-Isolation with Chymotrypsin Wash
A wash that is designed to achieve the effects of isolation and chymotrypsin processing in semen sample of low density and/or motility.  More...  
Sex Selection
We do not offer any washes or procedures for gender/sex selection. However, for those interested, we recommend you visit the Microsort website at for more information.

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