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Strict Morphology
The morphology of the sperm may be predictive of a patient’s fertility potential even in cases where the overall parameters of the semen analysis are normal. The Strict Morphology assay takes a critical look at the individual spermatozoa according to a strict set of criteria. The sperm are stained and then examined under oil immersion at 1000X power for proper size and shape of the head, midpiece, tail, or for any abnormalities. A single or multiply defect in any parameter rates the spermatozoa as abnormal. A relatively low number of sperm are rated as “normal” or essentially near-perfect during a typical Strict Morphology test, as compared to the estimated morphology done during a Complete Semen Analysis. The result is an assay that can distinguish very fine differences in morphology from one specimen to the next, and yields a quantifiable result that is indicative and predictive of the entire sperm population’s potential fertility function. Semen specimens that are treated or processed with selective gradient media generally show an improved strict morphology result. A Complete Semen Analysis should be ordered along with this assay. 

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