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The Arizona Andrology Laboratory & Cryobank offers a broad range of state-of-the-art male fertility testing, including:
Complete Semen Analysis
This is one of the primary male fertility test. It includes an evaluation of the semen volume, density, motility, forward progression, total count, total motile count, clumping, agglutination, hyperviscosity, pH, color, odor, debris, round cell estimation, and morphology estimation.  More... 
Strict Morphology
A critical examination and scoring of individual spermatozoa based on the strict Kruger guidelines. The size, shape, and appearance of the spermatozoa head, acrosome area, neck, midpiece, tail and other features are closely examined for any abnormalities. The Strict Morphology rating can be predictive of sperm fertility function.  More...  
Sperm Antibody Test
This procedure can detect the presence of certain antibodies on the sperm which can cause them to clump together or otherwise impair their function.  More...  
White Blood Cell Count
A special staining technique is used to distinguish certain classes of white blood cells (WBC's) in the semen from other cells or immature spermatozoa. Elevated WBC's in the seminal fluid can be detrimental to sperm function and be an indicator of infection.  More...  
Vital Stain
Spermatozoa which are non-motile are not necessarily "dead" and in fact may be used for certain assisted fertility techniques. The vital stain can determine the percentage of sperm that are viable, or "alive" in the semen sample from those that are non-viable.  More...  
Pellet Count
Some patients have semen counts of extremely low density (severe oligiospermia) that cannot usually be detected through routine semen analysis techniques. The pellet count examines the entire centrifuged pellet for the presence of any sperm, which can be useful in determining the patient's options for further fertility treatment.  More...  
Semen Fructose
The complete absence of spermatozoa in the patient (azoospermia) may be due to blockage of the sperm. The qualitative fructose test can be very useful to the clinician in making this evaluation.  More...  
Post Ejaculate Urine
A qualitative examination and screening for the presence of spermatozoa in the urine in patients where the semen ejaculate is retrogade and "backs up" into the bladder. Techniques can be used to "wash out" the bladder in patients with retrograde ejaculation. The retrieved sperm can then be utilized for intrauterine insemination, freezing, or other fertility treatment or testing.  More...  
Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis
A complete check of the semen for the presence of any spermatozoa, including the examination of a centrifuged pellet of the specimen.  More...  

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